Germein Sisters

Talented, refreshing, youthful and energetic – the Germein Sisters

Written by: Jovanka Ristich
Date: 14th November 2013

When talking about South Australia’s virtues as a destination I normally talk, from personal experience, about the wonderful wildlife, the awesome landscapes, the fantastic food and wine and the spectacular year round calendar featuring festivals, concerts and sporting events.

But now I am able to add something else – something refreshing, youthful and energetic, namely the Germein Sisters, a trio of talented siblings who not only sing and play, they also compose their own music. Did I also mention that they are beautiful, work for charity and are just plain lovely? What’s not to like?

germein sisters

Born and raised in South Australia, the Germein Sisters are based in the Adelaide Hills. Perhaps the easiest way to describe them is to say that the are to the Antipodes what The Corrs are to Ireland. And the similarity doesn’t end there – multi-instrumentalists Georgia, Ella & Clara have just finished recording their debut album, “Because You Breathe”, in Ireland with producer, Billy Farrell (The Corrs, Sinead O’Connor and Westlife). And, it was songs from this album, which also features Sharon Corr, that I heard at a special concert held, appropriately, at Australia House in London.

germein sisters concert, australia house, october 2013

I don’t use the words ‘talented’ and ‘gifted’ lightly, but this is the best way to  describe Georgia. GEORGIA is the principle songwriter, lead vocalist and piano player. She’s the recipient of no less than seven ASME Young Composers Awards and is a national winner of the Young Bloods Radio Competition for Nova.

georgia germein

Georgia’s song, ‘Take My Hand’, was featured as the soundtrack for a recent South Australian Tourism Commission’s international online marketing campaign.

Watch the videos now>>

CLARA plays the guitar and drums whilst ELLA plays the electric cello and bass guitar. Both provide backing vocals.

clara germein

ella germein


But it doesn’t end there. The family talent continues backstage as their manager is also their mother Sue, an impressive woman in her own right. A former nurse, Sue worked in Africa where she had the occasion to meet Bono, a man she had never heard of, but a man she had the opportunity to talk to, not only about her work, but also about the things that needed to be done in Africa.

An ongoing relationship developed with Bono citing Sue as being one of the most influential people he has met, and the woman who got him fired up about the issues in Africa.

Sue’s passion for Africa has been passed on to her daughters – Georgia has undertaken numerous charitable activities including working in the Kalahari, South Africa and Nepal as a Youth Ambassador for World Vision in 2010.

I, along with everyone who saw the girls’ in concert in London the other week, were bowled over by their youthful energy and the deceptive simplicity of their pop/folk lyrics. I think one can safely say they are mature beyond their years.

I have absolutely no doubt that these girls will become very famous and recognised, and that everyone who was lucky to witness their performance, have their picture taken alongside them, will be able to say, we saw them at the very start of their careers. And, you first read about it here.

Their new album is available for download.


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