The Ghan Alice Springs to Darwin

2014: The Year of The Ghan

Written by: Clicky Media
Date: 19th February 2014

As one of the world’s iconic train journeys, Australia’s Ghan, marks a milestone anniversary this year. It’s 10 years since the completion of the Alice Springs to Darwin track, which has transformed this journey into a coast-to-coast experience.

Here at iPR-Online, to mark this great achievement, we’re taking a look at some of the Ghan’s top ten historic moments:

1. The Ghan was given its name in tribute to the Afghan camel riders who, during the 19th century, established the first routes into the heart of central Australia.

2. Prior to 1929, before the completion of the Adelaide to Alice Springs track, this journey was still being made by camel.

3. In 2004, the Alice Springs to Darwin extension was completed.

4. It took 75 years for the Ghan to become a fully-fledged, coast-to-coast train journey, travelling all the way from Adelaide in the south, to Darwin in the north.

5. Stretching over one kilometer, the Ghan was Australia’s longest passenger train when it made its first full journey to Darwin from Adelaide.

6. The Alice Springs to Darwin line is widely considered to be Australia’s second largest civil engineering project.

7. To attract the attention of international visitors to this new rail experience, Steve (Crocodile Hunter) Irwin was made an ambassador for The Ghan.

8. Today, the entire journey takes an epic 54 hours, covering 2,979 kms, in other words a three-day/two-night trip.

9. The Ghan’s average speed is 85km/hour, with a maximum speed of 115km/hour.

10. More than half a million people have travelled on the Ghan since the line extension was completed in 2004.

The Ghan train journey

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