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Top 10 Hamilton Island Highlights

Written by: Jovanka Ristich
Date: 10th September 2014

Hamilton Island is a small patch of paradise I’ve been lucky enough to visit on numerous occasions over the past two decades. Each time I return a sense of happiness overwhelms me and I feel like I’m coming home. On my last visit I began to think what is it that makes me feel like this and how would I explain it to someone else. So, in 10 points, here are my reasons for loving Hamilton Island.


Why should blue be associated with sadness? When I look around me at the acres of sky and the surrounding azure waters, profound happiness is the emotion I feel most keenly.

sea view, hamilton island


There is only word to describe the food. With12 restaurants and cafes, and nine bars to choose from, delicious is in never ending supply. Having said that, things go off the Richter scale when eating at qualia’s Long Pavilion – not to be missed is the tasting menu with matched wines featuring something like six dishes (not including canapés and petit fours), delicious x 10.

hamilton island, eating out


Not many destinations of this size offer such variety of accommodation options – there’s literally something for everyone, suiting individual tastes and pocket sizes, whether you’re being budget conscious (Palm Bungalows), have children (Reef View) or want some low key quiet time (Beach Club)

reef view hotel, view from balcony, hamilton island

Lap of luxury

One of Australia’s luxury lodges, qualia has it all – secluded bungalow style accommodation with balcony set plunge pools; divine food; a year round calendar of exciting and cultural events like the Australia’s Ballet’s annual under the stars performances.

qualia, hamilton island

Happy – service with a smile

Down to the last person, everyone on Hamilton Island is happy. As soon as you arrive you are enveloped in their embrace – friendly, happy, considerate. Nothing is too much trouble. See the video.


It’s easy to chill out, relax and do very little, but, should the mood take you there’s an almost inexhaustible number of things to do – sailing, kayaking, go karting, quad biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, fishing and golfing, to name a handful.

hamilton island golf club


Predictable is not a word I normally like to use or experience, but in this instance it’s a definite bonus. The island’s year round temperature average is 24 degrees. Bring on the sun screen.


It’s never been easier to get to and from Hamilton Island – both Qantas and Virgin fly in from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns with the added bonus that they both offer business class making the journey to and from more enjoyable than ever before. This time I flew Virgin’s business class and loved the Galaxy ipads which allowed me to catch a movie, eat a hot meal and sip a glass or two of spicy Shiraz before I had even arrived.

flight to hamilton island

Have buggy will travel

Getting around the island is so much fun, not to mention environmentally friendly and naturally air conditioned.

hamilton island, buggy

Laid back

It’s so easy to flick off your shoes, pop on a pair of flip flops and shed the woes of the world. The hard part is packing up and leaving. Here’s to the next visit.

Visit www.hamiltonisland.com.au

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