Online PR

A truly effective PR strategy must span multiple platforms, channels and promotional mediums and consider both online and offline media. Unlike many traditional PR agencies, we also specialise and have expert knowledge in the digital and social space, offering a fully integrated, and all encompassing communications solution.

Our digital service offering reflects the media shift over recent years, ensuring we position your brand and online presences across only the most relevant websites and portals to your precise target audience.

Our overall aims remain the same, but making sure digital is part of the overall cohesive, results driven, cross-media strategy, and not simply restricted to offline press.

We offer an expansive list of digital marketing services and solutions. Our campaigns are developed, planned and tailored to individual clients and your specific aims and goals. This bespoke service ensures we maximise your reach and awareness whilst minimising costs and wastage; delivering on time and to budget.

We can assist in various areas from planning, strategy and consultancy services, right through to the full management and reporting of large digital advertising campaigns. We define our service types as:

  • Creation and Development
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Promotion and Distribution
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