Media Relations & Campaigns

Making the medias life easier and inspiring their audience

  • They care about their readers, publications and themselves – what is of interest to their audience?
  • They want PR’s who understand their audience and can provide them with product experiences that match their expectations
  • How easy will it be to write my articles?
  • Am I inspired enough to open and then read the releases?
  • Can I get well written material and will I be supported in my project, with ideas, materials, links to other people?
  • iPR has wide and deep relationships with media channels established over 20 years
  • iPR has the experience and people to deliver well written attractive and inspirational content on an ongoing and constant basis which matches audience expectations
  • iPR has earned media respect, attention and expert status
  • iPR considers online reputation, consumer behaviour and social channels important, and we are committed to getting the basics right, have the ‘face to face’ relationships with the media channels of PRINT, BROADCAST AND ONLINE
  • At the end of the day – its about putting the right communications mix together
  • iPR is very good at making your media budget go as far as possible.
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