Stakeholder Management

Getting people on your side and keeping them there

  • What’s a stakeholder? Any person or group having an interest in the outcome the project or campaign. Typically some are supportive, some are neutral and some against
  • “We have a lot to do in very little time” – the PR agency can’t get it all done unless there is help. So this is all about IPR’s experience to get support from other people; including
    • Motivation and what’s in it for them?
    • Creating a positive and “no problem” attitude
  • Remember; campaigns and projects are successful because the stakeholders are satisfied – on their terms – ignore stakeholders at your peril!
  • iPR considers stakeholders include the clients team and leadership structure
  • Have we made the right choice of PR agency?
  • Are we getting the desired results?
  • Is the PR agency making our life easier?
  • Is the PR agency part of our team?
  • iPR includes the client stakeholders, e.g. for tourist boards – their tour operators
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